Condo Buildings

DSI Communications has upgraded condo buildings with future-proof fiber optic wiring, providing excellent service and improving property values. We work with property managers and board members to develop custom solutions to their communications needs. Bulk and exclusive pricing agreements are available.

Apartment Complexes

DSI’s fiber-fed high speed internet is a great selling point for potential rentals for apartment complexes. Our reliability and exceptional customer service shines through when new customers establish service. Whether speaking with a customer service representative or with our installation technicians, DSI Communications’ dedication to service is the clear difference between us and our competitors.

Mobile Homes

DSI provides quality fiber-fed delivery of internet and television services to Mobile Home Villages. We allow our part-time residents a free vacation hold for up to six months once per year, making us the best choice for snowbirds.

New Construction

DSI partners with builders of new construction neighborhoods to provide fiber optic services to their new homes. We respect the builders’ work flow timelines to prevent construction delays and provide solutions that save builders in construction costs.