Does DSI have On-Demand services?

DirecTV has On-Demand Services, DSI TV does not. DSI TV is a streaming service that will allow you to watch live programming as well as local stations and local sports. DSI TV performs just like a traditional cable provider. This gives residents who have not “cut the cord” the ability to consume media traditionally while giving the cord cutters an additional programming option.

Does DSI have DVR?

Both DSI and DirecTV have DVR. There is no limit on how many channels can record at once on DSI TV. DirecTv can record up to five (5) channels simultaneously. You can store DVR recordings for the life of the DVR on DirecTv and for one week on DSI TV. DSI TV DVR is FREE of charge.

Do I have to have DSI TV to watch Netflix, Hulu, etc.?

You can choose to not have DSI TV and only use networks App’s or a streaming service (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) to view your favorite shows.

What type of devices can stream DSI TV?

DSI TV can be used with any suitable device. TV, computer, tablet, phone can be used in the home or remotely. All content will be delivered in the manner in which the programming was produced and the users device can display including 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR).

What are my options for premium channels?

DSI TV offers premium channels in various tiers. Some consumers choose to subscribe to the premium channels mobile apps as an “ala-cart” alternative.


Internet & Wifi

How fast is my internet?

IInternet speeds will depend on the property, the surrounding infrastructure, and delivery method. Our service offerings start at 30mbps and go up to 100mbps. This is dedicated fiber and not broadband so the performance is superior.
Will my internet slow down during peak hours?

You will not see decreases in speed (or buffering) during peak hours like you see with shared broadband. Dedicated fiber is why we have a 99.9% signal reliability.

What if I prefer hard wire internet?

If you prefer hard wiring to the computer and not have a Wi-Fi environment, that is a simple alternative. Your home will still have Wi-Fi capabilities for future use.



DSI Customer Contracts

DSI contracts are straight forward and easy to understand without hidden fees. Contracts for bulk or exclusive services may vary in length depending on the agreed terms with the property.

Internet service is required if you choose to opt into the DSI television package. You do not have to purchase DSI TV if you purchase DSI Internet.



What type of equipment does DSI Use?

All of DSI’s services are fed by fiber optic cable. We use Ubiquity products as for our communications architecture and delivery.

What is a streaming device and why do I need one?

DSI uses a Roku streaming device to deliver our IP Television service – DSI Television to the television set. It serves a similar purpose as a set top box that a cable company uses, but it is less bulky, less visible, and does not require your TV to be located near a cable jack. The streaming device delivers the capability to download the DSI Television application (and any other apps) to your television wirelessly. If you have a “smart TV” your streaming capabilities are built into the set and you would not need an additional streaming device.


Outages & Troubleshooting

When will my service be restored?

Over 90% of customer issues are resolved remotely. Single customer outages will be resolved within 48 hours. Fiber issues that result in mass outage will be responded to within a couple hours.

How do I report an outage?

Please contact us to report an outage in your area at: 1 (800) 303-9712



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